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XenForo Enhanced Search 1.0.3 Released

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by XenForo, Feb 13, 2014.

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    XenForo Enhanced Search (XFES) 1.0.3 is a maintenance release for our add-on that replaces XenForo's built in search engine with one powered by elasticsearch to provide greater performance and better search results.

    XFES 1.0.3 fixes several bugs:
    • Fix problem with user-based searches in elasticsearch 1.0.
    • Stemming and other index settings are no longer lost when truncating the index.

    XFES requires that you have elasticsearch 0.16.0 or newer installed. As such, this add-on is only applicable if you have root access to your server (such as with a dedicated server or VPS). XFES also requires XenForo 1.1.1 or newer.


    XFES can be purchased with a new license via the purchase page or with an existing license via the customer area.

    Installation, Upgrading and Configuration

    Please see our XFES manual page for more information.
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