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I think can be useful to create a list of costructive "critiques" of Xenforo readed in another forums...and commenting it here.

The only real problem I have with it is the people behind the product. Don't get me wrong I think they are fine devs and know what the forum world is about. The problem is they don't know how to communicate. It drove me nuts at vbulletin when you'd see these one line replies about new rumored features.

There were also many broken promises, the CMS, support for sql server and postgresl for 2 and lets not forget the Kier led team took 3 years to get vbulletin 3 out the door as final.

The software itself looks good. I'll keep an eye on it and that will be about it. I would never want to go through trying to decipher one line bits and pieces to see what the future held for vbulletin.

The only thing that kept me with vbulletin was product stability which was lost with vbulletin 4. It sure wasn't the dev team. If they would have stayed and made sure vbulletin 4 was a solid product I'd still be using it. Since they left I found a stable product that I am happy with and a company that knows how to communicate and treat customers. I'm sure not leaving IPB because Kier is developing a new product. I got rid of my decoder ring when they left IB.
You can add links/quotes of others forum and discuss it here...no bashing/flame, only costructive views please!

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I disagree with that characterization of Kier and the old Dev team. However even if someone believes this to be true, it precludes the possibility that someone can actually grow and learn from previous mistakes. I would put more credence on how Kier and Mike are communicating today, rather than what they may have done years ago (and when they were not in full charge.)


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Let's please leave any unpleasant posts about xF on whatever forum it's posted on.

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