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You may not experience it here as the contact form is slightly different, however from the contact page when a user sends a message the sent acknowledgement is just a little notification at the top of the page.

The send button disappears but reappears seconds later.

This is causing confusion amongst members who did not notice the notification or have left the computer after hitting send only to return to find the message is still in the box and the page has not changed.

As a result we receive duplicate requests and emails.

If at the very least could we have the entire page refresh on sending, the current system is too subtle for most users.
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I should note that the overlay does disappear when sending. That's not mentioned here so it almost implies that it just leaves the form up. The content is still in the form, though that's a trade off that's currently necessary to ensure that errors do not empty the form and that the content isn't lost if the form is accidentally dismissed.

This is generally working as designed/expected, so I'm moving this to suggestions. I don't think a page refresh would actually necessarily make a difference as if they don't see the message, the page may look the same (or very similar) to how it looked before submitting (the form content would be gone, I'm not sure if that'd be a sufficient indication).
I agree with Ferdinand. This is causing confusion and should not be this way. Every proper contact form I've ever used, any site always refreshes the page and confirms message sent, whilst removing the original form / message. This is the way a form should be.
Must agree. Just ran into this myself. If the link is clicked from within the forum itself, the default behavior is the overlay. However, if you access the link from outside the forum, in other words, a link from within an email, you get a physical page with the form which will lead to a lot of confusion as the "submitted" overlay is brief and easily missed.
Almost all of the contact messages at our forums are duplicates (sometimes even tripple). This is indeed very annoying.
I was wondering why I was getting duplicate or even triplicate messages sent via the contact form!

I agree this needs to be changed so that doesn't happen.
I just had a user submit 9 bloody submissions because of this behavior. Correction.. 10. **banging head on desk**

Make that 20. **sigh**
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