XF 1.5 Xenforo connecting with other forum solutions

I know this is not possible but I am trying to prove a point to my teammate about this. We're a community of 3 software (Mybb, IPB, Vbulletin) under Xenforo. Our admin would like to use IP chat with Xenforo. Which is not possible because as far as I am aware, the coding for IP chat is made exclusively for/with Invision products and can't integrate with Xenforo.

He suggested that possibly there is some way to have members imported from XF periodically into a IPB database, so that the two sites can share the data instead of requiring users to signup at two places. So my question is simple.....is there a way to automatically export certain users(once per day) who join to be imported and converted by IPB presently on Xenforo?


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Custom development costs vary though, so you may be able to find a developer which suits your budget.