Xenforo.com loads very slow


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Is anyone else experiencing this? Trying to do anything on Xenforo.com site takes a very long time to load.


I keep getting this error and when I don't get this error it takes forever to do anything on Xenforo. Must be a west coast thing....
xenforo.com community has always been slow for me here in india. i do see cloudflare error pages now and then. but mostly there is just a lag before page starts loading. i just blame it on the distance/latency issue which cloudflare is not able to resolve considering forum content is dynamic as i am logged in.
West coast here, definitely seeing issues yesterday and today, at origin if you believe CloudFlare.
Bouncing between Error 522 and 525 SSL handshake (both at host according to CF). I'm West Coast Canada btw. Pretty unusable at the moment.
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