Xenforo.com is No Longer Worksafe.

Rigel Kentaurus

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Please promote some moderators to handle all the porn spam cause I can't be visiting this site from work anymore dude to your trolls posting porn pictures. I'll be back later. Handle that.
I reported a couple, but yeah, there are so many. The spam cleaner will most likely take care of that, but that needs to have at least 1 moderator online of course. This is a sad day.


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To be fair... it seems this guy is literally waiting for the few moments all moderators are offline and doing this but yes... additional moderators couldn't hurt :)


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Hope Jake didnt sprain his index finger.. Thats my dominant typing fingers. :p Funny all the work he had to put in to spamming the forum so quickly.. And with one click all that work went bye bye just like that..