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I used vBulletin for almost 12 years and have since purchased 2 new licenses for Xenforo. I am in need of some of the vbulletin functionality that I am missing.

Is it possible to call upon Xenforo from within a folder like I could do with vBulletin?

I want to have 5 folders that will be named based on what type of article content they hold. I have no issue creating custom pages if i need to, but I simply can't find what I am looking for. I want the pages in the folder to use Xenforos template system and css. This would allow those folders to look as if it is all one seamless integration.

The "pages" feature is not what I am looking for. I tried using it but it wasn't what I needed. The library mod would be good except it isn't what i need. I do not want "library" anywhere in my urls. That mod could be great if it wasn't for the use of "library" and not making it so people could change it easily. (like for articles, which is what most people need something like that for).

The wiki is the same thing as the library in terms of how I could use it.

vBulletin allowed me to make PHP files that called on the native vBulletin environment from within folders. Does Xenforo have a similar method that I have simply overlooked? I can't imagine they wouldn't make this possible. That would be moronic.


Let me try again. I suspect there is "some" way to do it. i am asking "how" to do it. If i wanted to do this with vBulletin i could simply view this: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=228112

Where is there a resource that does something similar? I am trying to learn a new system so your post means nothing to me as I simply don't know how to go about setting up a page to do that. lol


Look at the link i provided. It is very simple for what I am asking. I have been looking through the tutorials. There is a basic structure that every vbulletin file has, which calls the native vbulletin files. Within that structure, the template is set, navbar set, etc. In the simplest of terms, where can I view the same file setup for xenforo? Is there not a generic php file that calls this stuff?

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I'm not sure if I have misunderstood what you want to do, but I think the Page node system might work for this. I'm not clear on the exact content you want to produce, but even so, with the pages system you can create HTML pages, using XenForo template code plus you have the option of doing custom PHP if you need to.

To get the "folder" effect you're talking about, you can use Route Filters. Example:
  1. Create a page node (Admin CP > Applications > Create Page Node)
    1. URL portion: articles-my-first-article
    2. Title: Anything you like, e.g. My First Article (doesn't matter)
    3. This, by default will create a page that is accessible at the URL, pages/articles-my-first-article
  2. Create a route filter with wild cards (Admin CP > Home > Route Filters > Create New)
    1. Find Route: pages/articles-{name}/
    2. Replace Route: articles/{name}/
    3. Save
The URL of the page we created is now, articles/my-first-article. If I create a new page with the URL portion of articles-another-article, the route filter will automatically make that new page articles/another-article.

Technically, no PHP knowledge or use required. But if you need some slightly more dynamic content, e.g. pulling content from the database etc. then you can use the PHP Callback option when creating a page.


Thanks Chris, I am going to give that a try. I would MUCH rather use the page system. It is the urls that were going to pose a problem based on the category/folder structure I need. I will play with what you describe and see if I can make this work. Thanks for taking the time to respond, both of you, it's appreciated.

Update: This looks like it will work fantastic for what I am trying to do. Thanks for showing me how it operates because I was certainly having a hard time wrapping my head around Xenforo after having used vb for 12+ years. lol
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