Xenforo bridge with Magento

I searched and found a thread about using jfusion to accomplish this, but it appears that effort never got off the ground. I'm wondering if there is currently any way to integrate XF with Magento so that users can have one log-in for a Magento site and it's xenforo forum.

If this doesn't exist, but someone could develop it I might be willing to fund the project depending on several factors.

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jfusion is the way to go.

I'd wait for the xenforo plugin for jfusion.
If the forum isn't going to be "TOO important" you might want to use Joomla / frameless phpBB3 / Magento.
I'll have to wait for the jfusion plug-in then because we are investing far too much money into this upcoming project to "settle" for anything less than the best. We have a very clear plan for what we need and this forum software seems to fit the best, but that is a glaring weakness (for us). Is there any timeline for release, and is there anyway we can help speed things along?

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well Joomla 1.6 goes final on Jan 11, 2011.
Jfusion 1.6 will go final soon after that.

I'd start playing around with Joomla/Jfusion/Magento (all free) for now.
I think I'm missing something. I have a Magento site in the works that I would like to integrate a forum (preferably xenforo) with. Where exactly does Joomla come in?

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Magento is mostly a shopping cart / ecommerce thing
Joomla is a CMS
Jfusion integrates Joomla to Magento (single sign on, etc).
Xenforo would be the forum.
and would be tied to Joomla and Magento via Jfusion.

Most people find Magento doesn't make for an entire site.

They want a CMS with it.

I should have clarified - I already have a script that integrates with magento that forms the basis for the site, so I'm not in need of a CMS. The reason I need a bridge for magento is simply for a universal login if I integrate a forum because the existing login is handled by magento.


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Bit of a thread necro, just a tiny one, but I am going to look at getting a direct XF to magento bridge done. The idea of using XF > jfusion > joomla > jfusion > magento is just too bulky for my tastes.


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Hi guys. If anyone still interested in this, I can create a bridge for Magento.
I know this message is old (Jan 16, 2013) sorry.
But if you (or someone) can develop that bridge, would be wonderful.
Xenforo + Magento
Xenforo + Advanced options of e-commerce
Will be the best software ever created.