Add-on Wishlist Member to Xenforo Bridge With User Sync And Commenting


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I am looking for a bridge or a connector which uses Wishlist Member. Wishlist is a membership site plugin for Wordpress which manages paid user access to posts/pages, etc. I would like a simple Wordpress plugin that syncs and creates a user account in Xenforo when one is created within Wordpress so that they are seamless. And also cookies the user so that they are already logged-in to Xenforo after logging in through Wordpress. I would also like Xenforo to manage the commenting on the Wordpress front-end with avatars that link back to Xenforo.

Basically, Wordpress is being used as the home page of the site and a content management system and to manage user access. It is in control. And Xenforo is attached to that as the community component and simply syncs the user accounts.