Xenforo -- Because it works


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I'm reserving the upgrade to the very last of minute. Like you eat desert at the end of the dinner....


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If there is a mobile style, how do I access it?

XenForo 1.2 was a major release. So major that it not only added new features, but completely changed the editor, which is part of the core of any forum software, and changed the default style into a mobile friendly responsive style.

And the difference between XenForo and the competition... It works.

But not only does it work, its virtually bug free, with only 8 open bug at the time of this posting. I recall 2 other major, well known, development projects experiencing a world of troubles when changing their editor's.

And I don't know any current development other than XenForo who offers mobile compatibility out of the box at no extra cost, without an app, or the need for a 2nd mobile skin, and keeping all the same features and options the same ...ie.. What you get on your desktop, you get with your mobile.

XenForo... It works

Good job @Kier @Ashley and @Mike