CloudFlare Mirage: does it work for XenForo


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CloudFlare Mirage increases image loading for mobile users.
What does Mirage do?

Mirage tailors image loading based on network connection and device type. Devices with small screens receive smaller images, and slower connections receive lower resolution images. This speeds up page rendering so users can begin interacting with your website without waiting for images to download first.
Mirage improves page load time by:
  • Image Virtualizing: Replaces images with low resolution placeholder images that have the same dimensions as the original (including third party images). Once the page renders completely, full resolution images are then lazy-loaded (prioritizing images in the browser viewport). This process allows pages to render quickly and minimizes browser reflow.
  • Request Streamlining: Combines multiple individual network requests for images into a single request.
Note: Mirage does not transcode or otherwise alter the original full-resolution images.
Mirage is considered Beta because it’s an experimental feature that may cause issues displaying images in association with certain Javascript libraries, such as image carousels or photo viewers. Issues with Mirage affect only a small percentage of customers.
I have read old posts that it actually slowed down sites as well as positive experiences.
Mirage seems to have been revamped. Does anyone know if it works well with xenforo now?

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