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XenForo & Authorship Issues


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We've a team of authors who cover news through our xenporta article system. Each of the member of author team uses their real name and we've successfully enabled Google Authorship for many of them.

This way, our news articles are shown in Google with proper authorship details including author's photo. Check this :-


Link: http://www.crazyengineers.com/threa...red-for-free-will-it-attract-consumers.73624/

The top article that shows my photo, was actually written by Chirayu (one of our authors); however I posted a comment on that article; and Google began thinking I am the original author of the article - and began displaying my photo.

The source code shows 'data-author: Kaustubh Katdare', instead of Chirayu.

I wish to know whether this can be addressed using any template edit or any modification?

Would really appreciate your help!