XenForo as a whole.


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Greetings all,

I figured it would be appropriate for me to create this thread and express how happy I am with XenForo. A little about myself before i begin. I used VB 4&5 in the past. I don't want to bash VB or anything but 4 was good 5 is crap.

I knew about XenForo for some time now but I would always tell myself if everyone else is using a product it must be the best (market share of VB is much larger). I was completely wrong! I went online for days (literally) reading, comparing, browsing forums and reading reviews about Xen. I finally decided that it was time to spend $140 and buy XenForo to see what its like myself. Oh boy was it the BEST $140 I have ever spent. I really don't know where to begin. Its simply AMAZING. Its very easy to use, user friendly, doesn't use much of my server resources and EFFIN FAST!! I can go on all day about how good it is and write for hours but i just say give it a shot.
Some people are afraid of change and people adjusting to something new. Let me tell you this, my wife NEVER really used forums and now she's moderating one of my forums. She was able to learn and adjust to XenForo within a day!
And best of all my USERS LOVE IT! These days its all about making your users happy, in the end they keep your forum alive.

I just had to say this, whether you agree or disagree this is just my opinion and my quick review, i will do a more in-depth review when i have more time. Give it a try you will not regret it!