Xenforo Arcade


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I was wondering if anything like this was ever made, or planned to be made. I know XFrocks started something, but it seems kind of abandoned. It would also be cool to integrate trophies or something like ******* Credits into it.


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Well, there are many issues with XF Arcade. XFRocks hasn't updated the arcade since he put it out. His website is also dead. Did I mention you have to buy a monthly subscription to his site to even reply? You would think he would reply and support that mod for subscribers. It appears he isn't.

I wish some people were as passionate as the vB coders. Their arcade is just sweet. Some XF coders tend to quit a lot sooner than the vB guys did.


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agreed @Ski-whiz nicely said.

i joined up at xfrocks.com and was going to pay, but that was until i read the replies to the arcade https://xfrocks.com/threads/xf-arcade-0-2-0-testing.262/page-5 . after that i thought, no way.
its actually sad that xenforo has no arcade. vbulletin has 3 arcades. IPS has 2 arcades, one of which by far is the best on the net created by ibparcade.com.
and pretty much all free well known boards have arcades. every single arcade is free. though im happy to donate just to have an arcade.
it would be a dream come true if ibparcade.com created their arcade for xenforo. those guys live and breath that arcade Mod.
some forums dont feel complete without an arcade. just sayin.


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There is no worthwhile arcade for xenforo, all previous attempts have been abandoned, thats just the way it is for now.


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The arcade works fine, well it does on my site anyway. My members have had many hours of enjoyment out of the games. Sure it may not have the features of other platforms arcades but there are not "many issues with XF Arcade" as some claim.


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Yeah, I never found it to work so well. Had it activated for a bit, just didn't feel right. Oh well. Hoping someone comes along and makes a full version :D


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off topic - Aero site is looking good bud!

Raffle addon working ok? Have your members participated? I have the competition addon, but couldn't really get people to participate.