XenForo and Store / Shop integration


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Hi there :D

I'm seriously loving a lot of what I am seeing in XF, especially the trophys etc. and I can see how they would help a load with user engagement

I am currently running ipboard witha bridge to wordpress (IPBWI)
I am using ipboard Nexus as a storefront.

I have been doing a bit of searching, but cannot find an answer so far.

My question is:-
Is there a shop / store solution which will integrate with XF, mainly I would like single sign on / user accounts and different trophys to "unlock" access to different items in the store.

Thanks in advance for any ideas on this



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hmmm, the first link to Microcart appears to be a working product, but I have not seen mention of trophies or similar, unlocking products for purchase.

the second link appears to have been dropped from development

The third just alludes that there maybe something in development..

Any other links / ideas?


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Yeah, its pretty thin. Basically there is no replacement for IP.Nexus. Even though there is a lot of demand for it.
If something does arrive, then I hope that its compatible with Paygates.


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I just received a PC from someone asking if I'm interested in a new store addon - welcome news.
Will post if I hear more.


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Micheal's done a good job on the MicroCart feature wise... with that said it has a ways to go. We're about to launch our shop using it:


I also when I get some free time offered to help him recode the shop. It'll hopefully soon use a lot of standard XF CSS


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I've been looking through the features, but I can't find exact details about opening up products / discounts related to Trophy points, does it do this? or if it does not do it yet, is it in the to do list do you know?

Thanks for the feedback

Sean James

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Im looking forward to the day XenForo releases something like IP.Nexus so I can switch my main forum to XenForo from IPB!