XF 1.5 Xenforo and Facebook- Xenforologo


When I try to post to Faceboook using a link from one of my forums I always try to use an image found in the thread and upload that. The Xenforo logo is still present, and now it's not letting me post unless I use the Xen logo with it.


Is this a Xenforo issue, or a Facebook issue? Also, is there any way to just not have it include the Xenforo logo? Like use the site logo instead?

Thanks for the help guys!


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rename yr logo file to "logo.og.png" and replace original logo.og.png (located in styles -> name of yr style -> xenforo) with new one
That's not the way to do it, as when you upgrade XenForo the logo will be overwritten by the standard XenForo logo which is contained in the upgrade package. The correct way is the way suggested by Brogan in the FAQ (which is to change the image path after uploading your own logo).