Xenforo and Amazon Elastic Beanstalk?


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Beanstalk is good in that it's easy and forces you to design stateless applications. However, you lose so much control that I don't think it's worth it. You'd be much better off understanding and implementing each of the AWS products yourself.
You're probably right. I barely understand how it works, file storage in particularly has me puzzled. I simply want something that can be moved from web host to another or scalable. What I need is simply a better backup solution, I'm currently in colo and i'm about to just buy another 1U to do nothing keep my site backed up because the only thing I have right now besides a manual backup I do every few days is my raid 10. Honestly, I'm sick of managing the server and just want to work on the site. I've setup automated ESXi software with WHMCS and its very capable. I can spin up a VM from a web order completely automated, but I realized I don't need all of this control and I just want to simplify everything. For someone wanting to be a web host and to resell hosting, I've got something to sell you :)