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So here is specifically what I need:-

A button or a switch present on the post, that gives a corresponding translation of the text in the post, into another language. Google translate shall not be used, we will be providing those translations that are to be displayed once the user requests it(by clicking the button in the post)

the plugin should work like this - on each post, the user sees a button to translate the english post into hindi, the only twist being that the hindi translation we already have, and we wont be using google translate or anything. so a custom add on needs to be put in place so that we can add hindi translations in the backend.(or frontend, or both)

Here is what I think we will be focusing on:-

# A frontend for uploading translated posts
# A backend for doing the same + indicating/filtering post based on whether their translation is already done or not
# A switch for the user to see the translation of the post he/she is looking at

But we will figure it out as we talk. This is urgent.
Let me know if anyone is interested!