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XenForo Add-On Directory

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I saw a thread requesting something to make it easier to browse add-ons until the resource manager is out, I have the free time so I thought I'd contribute a little.

This is a directory to existing add-ons, if I've missed any add-on's please let me know and I'll add them. Currently the add-ons are listed alphabetically, my final goal is to sort them out in categories which will make it easier to search the thread. Please let me know what add-ons fit in what category to make my job easier!

Note: Inform me if the directory needs to remove add-ons due to them not supporting current stable XenForo versions.

8wayRun.Com Ultimate Random Header
8wayRun.Com XenAtendo (Events)
8wayRun.Com XenCarta (Lite Wiki)
8wayRun.Com XenHabla (IRC)
8wayRun.Com XenMedio (Media)
8wayRun.Com XenPorta (Module Add-Ons)
8wayRun.Com XenPorta (Portal)
8wayRun.Com XenUtiles (Tools)

Ad Manager
Add new Users to the Recent Activities
Add Zodiac Sign to the message userinfo bit
Addon Sidebar Block
Admin Search User IP
Affiliates on SideBar
Allow moderators to ban users
Allow users to change their username
Announcing Forum Runner - XenForo iPhone/iPad/Android App!
Assign Pages to Different Tabs
Automatic URL Aliases - Automatic URL conversion
AVForums Conversations Autoresponder and Forwarding System
AVForums Moderator Checkpoint System
AWCoding- Pirate Poker System
AzuCloud - Long Tail SEO Cloud

Ban Users From Viewing The Alert Notifications
BBCode Manager
Block tv or radio in the sidebar
Board Message
BotScout to prevent SPAMBot registrations
bd Anonymous Posting
bd Banking
bd Forum Watch
bd Guard
bd Medal System
bd Reputation System
bd Rotating Ads
bd Tag Me
bd Widget Framework
bd WordPress Proxy

Cel Editor Button Management
Collapsible Sidebar
CometChat - Facebook style chat bar for xenForo
Conversation with User on Moderation
Countdown Timer Cliptheapex.com
[CCPLZ] Hide Links From Guests

Daily posts to participate in personal conversations
Daily Threads Limit
DC - Staff Room Unread
Delete 0 posters
Deny Countries From Registering
Digital Point Ads
Digital Point User Map
Disallow What's New page for guests
damncomputer Status in posts
DBTech Top X Stats
DBTech Users Viewing Thread
Donation Manager
DragonByte xFShout [AJAX]
DS Auto Lock Threads


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Edit History
Envolve Chat addon
EWPorta Weather

Film Strips for Movie Sites
Find Unanswered Threads
Find users sharing the same IP
FireTemplate Template Debugger
First Post on All Pages
FluxBB 1.4 Importer
Force rich CODE tag
Forum Ban

Get old RSS Feeds from vB DB Tables
Guest Notification Addon
Guest Post Viewing Limit
Guests Can Look But Not Read
GP Donations
GP Steam Stats
GP Template-Helper for Usergroups

Hide Images From Guests
Hide links to guests
Hide Posts From Guests
Hide the IP of SuperAdmins.
HIDE Addon

Import Post Thanks to Likes
include banned users in the usercounter
INFO Contentteller CMS xenForo Integration

Joomla Bridge using JFusion

keving´s Latest Threads Ticker
KeyCaptcha - Antispam
Kotomi - Generic script bridge

Laric Ventrilo Status
Last Posts
Likes Review - Most Liked Posts
lms Footer Pie - XenFácil
lms-Addon: set your home page as portal [8wayrun.com] Xenporta (portal)
LiquidPro Hall of Fame
LiquidPro New Thread Quota
LiquidPro SourceBans Sync
[LN] Blog

Mailchimp Xenforo plugin
Mark Thread as Read
MassAlert - Send custom alerts to groups of users
Maximum Attachment Size per Usergroups
Maximum Daily Personal Converations!
Member Map
mercGallery Lite Beta 1
[Merc] Profile & Member Card Quick Links (Administrator & User Links) UPDATED
Minecraft Identity Service
Minimum Number Of Posts To Create Threads In Certain Forums
Minimum Number Of Posts To Enter Forums
Minorin - Standard editor toolbar
Mobile Browser Style Switch
Multiple Account Detection

No viewperms for banned users profiles
Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Number of Posts to Send Personal Conversations

Online Status Indicator within Threads


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ParseHTML - Permission-enabled HTML BBCode
pDown v1
Photopost Pro Gallery Integration
Popular Members Only
Post Content Find / Replace
Postloop Integration
Prevent Gender Change
Prevent Guests From Viewing Members Online Now List
Prevent guests/users from using proxies at your forum
Project Tools for xenForo
Provide a virtual Keyboard for your forum users for multi-lingual text input
PunBB 1.2/1.3 Importer
[pfps.com.br] Bookmark Posts
[pfps.com.br] Profile Tab Manager
[pfps.com.br] Thread Prefix Listing
[Products] XenFans.com - Header Statistics Thingy
[Product] XenFans.com - Extra Debug
[Product] XenFans.com - Extra Page (about/)
[Product] XenFans.com - Extra Profile Tab
[Product] XenFans.com - Extra Tabs
[Product] XenFans.com - Footer Thingy
[Product] XenFans.com - Page Tools
[Product] XenFans.com - Popular Content
[Product] XenFans.com - Profile Thingy
[Product] XenFans.com - Promoted Accounts

Quick Reply Insert Username

ragtek Add-ons Helper Framework
ragtek anonym.to prefix
ragtek Attachment Browser ACP Permissions
ragtek BBCode Sidebar Block
ragtek Block External Images
ragtek Change Facebook Button
ragtek Contact Thread
ragtek create new thread from search results page
http://xenforo.com/community/thread...n-footer.15427/ragtek Current Users in Footer
ragtek delete Errorlog
ragtek Disallow Images in Signature
ragtek dont toward users postcount in special forums
ragtek Enhanced Forum Management
ragtek First Post Moderated Forums
ragtek Hide Memberlist for Guests
ragtek Most Online Users
ragtek Newest/latest Posts Sidebar Block
ragtek PostLink Overlay 2.0
ragtek Prevent Admin Post Editing
ragtek Quote Post Conversation
ragtek Rebuild Cache after registration & user deletion
ragtek Registration Statistics
ragtek Remove Editor Image Resizer
ragtek Show Only Own Threads
ragtek Sidebar Toggler
ragtek Stop Search Caching
ragtek Thread Reader / who has read the thread
ragtek Todays Birthdays
ragtek Tracker Helper
ragtek Twitter Sidebar Block
ragtek Unread Thread Counter
ragtek vbseo likes importer
Registered Links
Report Conversations
Require a reason for deleting a post
[RC2] Change What's New Time Limit
[RIKE] Old Thread Warning (require user to tick to reply to old threads)
[RIKE] Require X Posts to create new Thread


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[tLk] Usergroup Legend
[TSW] Xbox Live and PSN Identity Services
Ultimate Attachment Manager
Uploader Sidebar for XenMedio [??8U]
UrlRewriter ( Auto Media Embed and Affiliate Schemes )
Users Twitter Tweets block in members profile

vBulletin (and possibly others) to XenForo Quotes Converter
vBulletin 4 Importer
vBulletin 4 Subscription Importer
vBulletin 4.x URL Redirection
Viglink Addon- Earn income from user posted links
Voicebar - Fixed Footer and News Ticker
[V0.5b] Table BBCode

WeitualUser -- Virtual Members crawling the site
Who Has Read A Thread
Who Locked/Unlocked Thread 1.0.0
WinCache Support
WordPress 3 Bridge
Wordpress Widget, last x xenForo Topics to WordPress widget area(s).
[WDF] Show Banned Users to Mods/Admins
[WDF]Signature Limits (enforce requirements for sig creation!)

Xen-TR Banlist
Xen-TR Forum Moderators
Xen-TR Latest Users (sidebar)
Xen-TR List Add-ons
Xen-TR Most Liked Users (sidebar)
Xen-TR Most Trophy Users (sidebar)
Xen-TR Show Today's Birthday (sidebar)
Xen-TR Who Has Visited
Xen-tr.com -Top poster in sidebar
XenApi - An opensource web API for XenForo
XenForo and CodeIgniter Integration
XenForo Database Backup Shell Script
XenTrader 2.0.3 User Feedback System
XF Lightboxed Attachments on Forumhome
XF Optimise
[XenFarjad] Donations
[XenFarjad] Forum Index in Pages
[XFR] Birthdays
[XFR] BoardNotices - advanced notice system
[XFR] Infractions
[XFR] Merge Double User Post
[XFR] User Albums
[XFServices.com] Management Nav
[xxaD]XenXero Skimlinks/VigLink Integration
[xxmP] XenXero Media Player
[xxsP] XenXero Site Previewer
[xxsY] XenXero Syntax Highlighter
[xxsU] XenXero Signature Uploader
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