XenForo 1.5.16a Released

Today, we are pleased to release XenForo 1.5.16. This release fixes a number of bugs and issues that were found since the previous release. As this is a maintenance release, the vast majority of the focus was an increase in stability.

Some of the changes in this release include:
  • Automatically replace ReCAPTCHA v1 with ReCAPTCHA v2 (NoCaptcha). ReCAPTCHA v1 will be retired in 2018 and will no longer function.
  • Use an alternative approach for sitemap XML URLs due to changes in Google that prevented the old query string approach from being indexed as expected.
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 7.2 in several areas.
  • Fixes and improved compatibility in the IPB importer.
  • Adjust the user upgrade expiration delay to only apply to recurring subscriptions and give a larger grace period to handle larger delays from PayPal.
  • Only trigger the CSS cache for "good" requests to reduce the chance of the cache ballooning.
  • Limit "cookie login" IP logging to new IPs or an IP that hasn't been seen in 6 hours to reduce the number of unnecessary records.
  • Limit the number of users matched by the admin quick search to avoid memory issues.
  • Improved compatibility with mixed TLS modes when using a proxy server to serve untrusted HTTP requests.
  • When permanently banning a user, automatically move them out of awaiting approval.
  • Add noindex/nofollow to some pages/links that have little value in search engines.
  • Use standard username styling in the spam cleaner IP check output.
  • Ensure hours/minutes inputs display in the proper order in RTL.
See the Resolved Bug Reports forum for further information.

The following templates have had changes:
  • link_redirect
  • member_recent_activity
  • member_recent_content
  • online_list
  • profile_post
  • profile_post_comments
  • spam_cleaner_check_ips
  • thread_poll_voters
Where necessary, the merge system within the "Outdated Templates" page should be used to integrate these changes.

Please note that we are now formally recommending that you upgrade to PHP 5.4 or newer. XenForo 2.0 requires PHP 5.4 or newer. If you are running PHP 5.3 or 5.2, you will receive a warning when installing or upgrading XenForo.

All customers with active licenses may now download the new version from the customer area.

More Stable

This release follows our principle that third-point (x.x.X) releases should always be more stable than the preceding version, so for the most part you will not find new features in this release. Major new features will be reserved for second point versions (x.X.x).

Installation and Upgrade Instructions

Full details for how to install and upgrade XenForo can be found in the XenForo Manual.


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Unfortunately, we have identified a regression in 1.5.16 related to recurring user upgrade expiry and refund/reversal processing. This issue can cause database errors to be logged and delayed downgrades. As such, we have patched this issue and updated the download to 1.5.16a to incorporate a fix for this issue. If your site does not use recurring user upgrades, this issue will not affect you.

If you downloaded 1.5.16a from your customer area, you do not need to take any other steps. If you are running 1.5.16 and wish you fix this bug, you may either:
  1. Download 1.5.16a from your customer area and re-upload the files as if you were upgrading.
  2. Change the patched file manually with the version from this bug report. Note that this approach will show these files as not containing the expected files in the file health check.
Please note that the version will still display 1.5.16 in your admin control panel.