Not planned Xenforo 1.4 Sitemap Timezone Problem (Also changefreq and priority)


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When i look the my forum sitemaps which created by xenforo 1.4, sitemaps contain different lastmod times between forum time. Because, timezone is different.

For example;

Sitemap line:
<url><loc></loc><lastmod>2014-11-03T09:14:40 00:00</lastmod></url>

But when i look this thread; IT's last post time on thread is : 11:14:40

We are from Turkey and our timezone is GMT +2 so it should be right date and time also lastmod string should be include +02:00. (Not +00:00)

How can i fix this?

In forum general date settings, our timezone gmt +2 and in forum, no problem about time or date.

Also, when i look the sitemap lines, i cant see changefreq and priority lines for URL's.
But /library/xenforo/model/Sitemap.php including these parameters if you look.

P.S: I use xenforo support ticket but development team dont help me about that, they say "this is standart model, we cant edit or configure it" it is so absurd...


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The sitemap is for machines, not humans. Further, standardizing on UTC/GMT does resolve issues with different time zones being used at different times of the year or with different last mod times.

This is expected, you would need to modify the codes to suit your needs.


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You are doing sitemap function to forum software but lastmod time is standart gmt +0 time also there are no changefreq and priority variables. Perfect!

I have index problem after i switch to xenforo 1.3 to 1.4, our threads indexing about a few hours later now (before on xenforo 1.3 i was using xml sitemap plugin and all of our threads indexing as soon as possible about 1-2min)

So, i think sitemap timezone settings + changefreq and priority parameters may be important. If they are nothing, so why these variables on there