XenDebug (XenForo Debug Tools)

XenDebug (XenForo Debug Tools) 1.0.4

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I can't find the XenDebug.log file. It isn't in the upload_tmp_dir.
Are you sure that you looked in the right place? It's saved in the sys_temp_dir directory which should be e.g. /tmp in Linux by default..

Btw, have you also tried code events logging?


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Needed to log some queries, found this add-on ... but it needs a little fix for PHP 7.2 ....

In library/XenDebug/Log/Abstract.php, the uses of create_function() need to be replaced with closures (or lambdas, or whatever the heck PHP calls inline functions) ...

        //$message = preg_replace_callback('/\{([a-z_]*?)\}/i', create_function('$matches','return $_SERVER[$matches[1]];'), $message);
        $message = preg_replace_callback(
            function($matches) {
                return $_SERVER[$matches[1]];

... and ...

            $f = create_function('$v', 'return "\'".addslashes((string)$v)."\'";');
            $bind = array_map($f, $bind);

            $bind = array_map(
                function($v) {
                    return "\'".addslashes((string)$v)."\'";

After these fixes it worked perfectly, and helped me track down the problem I was working on.

-- hugh