XenDate Question


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I have a template that is a xen date field. As it is now, if I try to submit the form it barks at me that it needs a positive value.

        <dl class="ctrlUnit">
            <dt><label for="ctrl_host_rtudate">{xen:phrase host_rtudate}:</label></dt>
            <dd><input type="date" name="host_rtudate" class="textCtrl" value="{xen:if $record.host_entry_id, {xen:date $record.host_rtudate, picker}, {xen:date $now, picker}}" /></dd>

I commented it out, because its not allowing 0 (empty) when saving. If I comment it out, it saves.

What I would like is the field to be allowed blank, zero value.

Optimally, I would like the field to be a text field with no date picker - and have a button/link with optionally datepicker for that field if the user wants it.

Thanks for your guys help!



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Bump! I believe this might be a bug in the date picker. There is no other validation going on with my form. If I remove the value="" - it saves null/zero values.


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A simplified test case of the rendered HTML and a screenshot of the issue would be helpful, as the core code uses input[type=date] with empty values without issue (see user search).