[xenCODE] Old Skool Smiley Set [Deleted]

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:eek: That is not exactly the way it works. Just because you downloaded something from a collection site does not mean that you are granted the right to redistribute it.
I actually don't remember the name of the site (because I downloaded them 3 years ago...) but I remember in their tos that "you are free to do whatever you like, except for redistributing any or all of them commercially" (and yes, I read the tos before using a site...).
haha just noticed the "****you" smiley :D
Yes! Thank you for that.


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I'm looking for set of old school smilies - but a very limited set of un-animated ones!
If anyone has any leads, let me know...

As with fonts, I think too many options ruins the value of smilies. I don't want folks having to think on which one to use!


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Any image can be a smiley. Just upload it to your server, go to the Smilies area, point it in that location, and it's a "smilie". There isn't really anything to install. He added a SQL file, but that isn't necessary if you upload them to your own area.

Any image can be a smiley....

Mr. Goodie2Shoes

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ahh... I have totally forgotten about this resource :p
yes, it only works for XenForo 1.0 and 1.1 as on 1.2 and newer the table changes (I think).

@Brogan can you send me the latest version, I don't have the files with me anymore :)