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I'm looking for someone very very familiar with XenCarta to play the instructor role and teach me how to effectively use this Wiki Service.

Jaxel made it but I'm sure he's busy so I didn't bother asking him.

If you use XenCarta and you know how to do things with it above the standard, then I am really seeking your help.

Earlier this month the game my site is about was mentioned to be unveiled and announced fully in the coming weeks. My site needed a Wiki like yesterday, and I am falling behind drastically on my website. Damn that Hurricane Sandy!

So this is an offer to anyone that uses and knows XenCarta. I will pay you to help me learn how to use this Wiki.

Currently, I am trialing it using the free version. My intention is to go with the Pro version once I learn everything and decide it is the right Wiki for my needs.

Some of the things I need to learn are:

Templates, can I make a template for different types of pages. Like for example: There are thousands of items. Can I have some sort of template where an image is displayed, stats on the item, etc... that people can use when they create a new item type page.

Layout and design. How do I change the layout.

Database usage. Is this an intensive add-on that should go in it's own database, if so how? I'm going to be having thousands of pages.

Monitoring pages. How would I know if someone submits a bunch of malicious pages? Are their notifications to this, what can I do to quickly overcome any issues.

And more. I have a lot of questions about the usage and functionality of this Wiki that I am hoping you could answer. If you have Ventrilo great, if you have some sort of Screen Sharing Software like Mikogo then that's even better.

So that's it, there's my plee. If anyone feels they can help someone that knows nothing about Wiki's learn, then please consider this offer.