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Chris D

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To purchase Xen Media Gallery, please use the below link:

Once purchased you will have access to 12 months technical support and upgrades and they will be accessible from the same link, above. Additional 12 months support and upgrades can be purchased for only £15 GBP. Xen Media Gallery is supported by a small copyright message. This can be removed for an additional £20 GBP + £5 GBP per year renewal.

Xen Media Gallery is a media gallery add-on for XenForo which allows you to add a gallery to your XenForo site with the following features:
  • Configure categories in the Admin CP (with options for which usergroups can upload to or view each category)
  • Set user/usergroup permissions to allow your staff or members to upload media to the gallery.
  • Your members can create their own albums with with lots of privacy settings.
  • Users can upload multiple files at a time to the gallery. Just like forum posts.
  • Each category/album can be ordered based on various criteria and each category is paginated (per page limits available as options in the Admin CP)
  • Other options include restrictions on file size, media dimensions, thumbnail size, number of media items to be uploaded at a time, comments per page. And all of these options are separate from any global forum attachment options.
  • Above restrictions can also be imposed at the user group level.
  • Media items can be liked, edited, deleted, commented on, rated, reported, approved/unapproved. Comments can be liked, edited, deleted, reported.
  • Media items have easy to use share links. Share the page, the full size image, or even BB Code to copy/paste on other sites or elsewhere on the forum.
  • See the media uploaded by each member and their albums via profile tabs or a link on their member card.
  • Full integration with News Feed and Recent Activity.
  • Full integration with Daily Statistics (media uploads, size, likes etc.)
  • Configurable new/recent media blocks that can be placed anywhere on your forum using Widget Framework, XenPorta or template edits.
  • Compatibility with [bd] Attachment Store to allow for external storage of uploaded media and thumbnails over a CDN.
  • Fully responsive, fully configurable style.
  • Embed videos from your favourite sites by leveraging the power of BB Code Media sites.
  • Tag your members in photos.
  • Media items can be tagged and popular tags displayed in a tag cloud.
  • Image editing tools, watermarking, rotate, flip and crop images.
  • Set up custom fields for use on media items.
  • Full integration with EXIF data including display of various stats (configurable in options) and re-orientating images.
  • Easy to use Admin CP Interface
  • Configurable width/height for thumbnails plus a framework for retrieving thumbnails from BB Code Media sites (may require additional development work for non-default media sites).
  • Inline moderation for moderators and inline management for users of media items.
  • Importers for:
    • XFR User Albums
    • Xen Medio Free and Xen Medio Pro
    • sonnb Xen Gallery
    • vBulletin 3.x Albums
    • vBulletin 4.x Albums
    • Photopost Pro (with XenForo Integration)
    • Photopost Pro (with vBulletin Integration)
    • Photopost vBGallery for vBulletin 3.x
    • Photopost vBGallery for vBulletin 4.x
    • ...More coming soon.

There is so much included in Xen Media Gallery the best thing to do is try it out yourself. If you would like to try the product you can do so by registering at http://xenmediagallery.com. Please feedback there if you have any suggestions or bugs to report, or indeed any other questions.

For the avoidance of doubt, purchasing a license entitles you to the use of Xen Media Gallery on a single XenForo installation. If you wish to install Xen Media Gallery on more than one installation then you must buy additional licenses.


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Blimey, that was quick from "hey have a look what I developed" to posting what I am sure is a fantastic add-on. Great work Chris and I'm sure people will be queuing up to purchase this. (y)


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Played with the demo and I love it so far. Been wanting a way to have albums in categories and this looks to fit the bill. Great job Chris! Glad to see a well developed and supported gallery for Xenforo


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Checked out the demo and it looks like a certain must-have addon! :)

I'll be picking up at least one copy of this in the very near future :D

John L.

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Purchased, however:


It appears on my forum that it doesn't exist :(. I have permissions set and everything but it says page could not be found.

Also, changing the prefix is great. However, how would I change the name of the tab from "Media" to "Gallery"?


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Hey Chris, great add-on at a great price! Congratulations on 1.0.0 release.

Just a small thing, in your description it says:
Xen Media Gallery in its current form will be available for sale within the next week (dependent on any further work required). Once released it will be feature complete and considered bug free. Therefore NOT a beta.

Alter/remove this? :) Seems to be a little confusing.

Adam Howard

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Future rating if I ever need this. Using XFR User Albums at the moment + User Albums More

I forgot I have User Albums More installed

I'm waiting for this to mature a little bit more so I can replace these 3


I'm excited about this add-on and will be watching it closely. ;)


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Maybe a bug but if you have Jaxel's XenMedio installed when you try and install your mod it thinks it is already installed, it then shows up as installed but I had to do an "upgrade" to get it to install properly.
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