XCache setup


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I'm fairly novice when it comes to server management and I just installed XCache on my server (cant use APC due to issues with the mod cgi used by plesk) and Im looking for some help and advice.

The first issue is related to enabling the XCache Admin Panel, Im getting a 403 error when trying to view in a browser after copying the files to a spare domain I have on the server. In the error log for that domain I see "client denied by server configuration: /usr/share/xcache". Am I missing some config with this?

Also, I have to default config set-up at the moment so I'm looking for some pointers on basic config, any resources of help from more experienced members would be great.



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I hadnt no, XCache was the first alternative that came up when I was looking. I will do a little research on it now. :)


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I have, and do currently use both (for different setups)

Depends on what you are comfortable with. Memcache adds the TCP overhead, but that's pretty much negligible, unless you are going really big, but can scale and add additional memcached servers into the mix.


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Correct. You need to pair it with Memcached.
That's what I went for in the end, Memcached as the backend cache with ZendOpcache for opcode caching. All seems to be ticking along well.

Any suggestions on confg for Memcached, I currently have 1GB allocated but only around 90MB is used. Im new to caching so still have a lot to learn. :)