x-h2o.com - standup jetskiing

Have a peek if you like: www.x-h2o.com

I started it over 8 years ago on vB 3.something, then vb4 but vb5 was horrendous so moved over to XF in December. I love it and the members picked it up very quickly.

Currently over 12,000 members with around 1500 active in the past week, though winter is our down period. I don't worry about post count, it's showing ~1.2 million but over the years I've pruned probably another 500,000.

Any thing you like or don't like? Suggestions?


Active member
I like it too. The pop of color from the header is nice! If you want a suggestion, maybe add more pics here or there, or things that stand out to encourage activity. When I was clicking around too much I started to drift because of all the similarities. I needed a distraction here or there.

:D Overall, though, well done!!