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I'm looking for a paid dev to create an X-Cart to XenForo user database bridge. Simply, I'd like for users to be able to log into our X-Cart store with their XenForo user/pass. I hope this is possible :)
@ForumCube I'm sorry I never responded here. @PASS the X-Cart development team has created a xenforo-xcart bridge. We are almost done with it (last hangup is to accommodate xenforo installs where session data is stored in the cache instead of database). I'm fairly certain x-cart will release this in their add-on marketplace when complete. It works great - here's the feature set:

1) the registration in X-Cart will be restricted
2) user will only be able to register in XenForo only
3) when registered user is tried to open X-Cart, he will be authorized automatically with the same email, but he will require to specify his address details to make a purchase
4) when user is log off in XenForo, he will be automatically logged off from X-Cart
5) user will not be able to log in/log off at X-Cart side, related buttons will redirect customer to XenForo side for the future actions
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