Browser issue Wysiwyg editor triggering an 'Aw, snap!' error in Chrome


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Hnnng. I rewrote this post atleast five times now, accidentally triggering it...

Chrome 18 explodes when faced with an unordered list in the wysiwyg editor. To reproduce:
  • Create an unordered list in the editor, like this one. Not tested this with an ordered list, or other elements
  • Make sure you're typing right after a bulletpoint
  • Press ctrl + left arrow
That's when you'll get an 'Aw, snap!' error. In short, ctrl + left arrow-ing over a bulletpoint in an unordered list causes it, for some strange and magical reason. Might just be a Chrome bug, but figured I'd post it anyway.​


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If it's crashing the browser, that's basically an issue internal to the browser. It's worth noting that the stable channel is still on Chrome 17, so it may be a regression that will be fixed.

Regardless, moving the cursor around is something that we don't interact much with (aside from contextual stuff), so this is unlikely something that we could do much about.