XF 1.1 WYSIWYG appending weird BB code / whitespace to any post where 'edit' is clicked.


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Whenever I hit 'edit' on a post and then hit SAVE (without changing anything in the post), it adds a bunch of white space to the bottom of the post. If I switch to the BB Code editor, I can see it's appending the following to any post that someone hits 'edit' on, even if they don't change the post or save anything. Here's a post by a member who only said 'SHAWEET':

[COLOR=#ffffcc] [/COLOR]
[COLOR=springgreen] [/COLOR]
The only difference if they DON'T save it, is it won't add whitespace. You can hit 'edit', then go straight to the BB Code view, and the above code will be there. It's as if as soon as someone hits 'edit' even if you don't do anything to the post, the code gets added, and thus if you SAVE it, it adds the whitespace, and if you don't save it it won't add the whitespace.

Testing it here on XenForo.com and it isn't happening.

Anyone know what's causing this? It's doing it on both a fresh 1.1 install and my current production install. :confused:


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EDIT: Resolved below...

Hi Mike,

I've switched to the Default style on my fresh 1.1 install with no addons:

Code is still being appended for some reason. Also made a new post and hit edit on it immediately after just to see if it was any different, same deal:

I'm going to completely re-install XF on a fresh database and see if it's still happening, perhaps something happened during the initial setup.

Edit: Just did a fresh install with a fresh database, made 1 thread / post - hit edit, and the weird BB code is still there, as seen above.


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Ok, this is odd. It appears to only be occurring in Firefox.

I opened the fresh install in Chrome:

but the SAME post, in Firefox 9.0.1:

Might be on my end... I'm going to try disabling all firefox addons and see if that makes any difference.

Edit: Disabled all addons and the above BB Code is no longer appended. The culprit was GreaseMonkey and a script to check if links are online, which would explain the RED color (for offline) and springGREEN (for online).

Sorry about this, lesson learned - always check multiple browsers before posting, something I usually do. Ah well, we all have our brain farts. :oops: