WYSIWY(Don't)G editor stupidity with lists.


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I hate the editor. It's not intelligent. Attempting to format text with it is a chore. It makes me miss the days of the vBulletin 3 text editor that actually inserted tags exactly where I wanted them. Ugh, and why does it not let you insert BBCode while out of WYSIWYG mode?

Just a few examples of unintuitive, wrong and outright buggy behavior I've encountered with this editor.

Example 1:

I highlighted the following in the editor:


I then hit the unorganized list button:

What even? How in the world does the editor come to the conclusion that a completely separate and un-highlighted line of text should be turned into a list item?

Example 2:

I select the following.


I click the indent button:


It indents everything except the list.

[INDENT]Threads should relate to the following:[/INDENT]
[*]Anime (Japanese & East Asian Animation)
[*]Manga (Japanese & East Asian Comic Books)

Example 3:

The remove formatting button doesn't remove list/spoiler/ispoiler/code/etc. formatting. Nuff said.