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New forum for the worlds most beautiful horse game My Horse Friends ;)


The forum style needed to fit the game and tween girls taste without being too 'girlish'.

We opened up the forum for public the 18th of November and have now more than 2,000 members. Most girls are just there to play the free version of the game.

The forum is using a very well functioning spam tool - and we make some check ups in between. It looks like at least most are serious 'horse loving' members, and we can check on the game server how many of the members are playing - which is a great amount (around 200 didn't verify their accounts out of the more than 2K members).

We had various customizations done to fulfil the customers wish - for example a direct connection to the game server (game created in Unity) - which means, that when you have an account on the forum, you have the same in the game, if you get a special game-code for special items in game, you redeem them in your profile on the forum and more. The forum is also connected to amember for the shop-module.

We are still working on the forum - it's a work in progress, being developed with the very new and young community :)



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First off, I absolutely love the direct connection with the game to forum. Same user accounts, in-game special codes, etc... all those are exceptional features.

The style is very nice and so far everything looks very good. There are a couple of things I saw just from the front page that I wasn't a fan of but they are pretty minor. They are the:

  • YouTube video not filling out the borders of the rest of that container they're in
  • The active menu highlight makes it appear as though the container edge has a break in it
  • And the hover menu turns grey and actually is bigger than the space it was given.

Overall, well done with the site. It looks great and the added features to link it to the game are top notch.

PS- Not a fan of this:



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Hi xIsabel :) Thank you so much for your feedback.

Everything - except for the video - is something I wish to look into.

I tried to change the container edge, but didn't manage to do it properly. At this moment I wanted it to look as if the box is somehow wrapped around the forum. But didn't succeed that well I guess ;)

The hover thing is something I should be able to adjust very easily though. I didn't see it as something major 'annoying' or an 'error' and actually liked it was standing out, when you hover it. But I will give it some thoughts :)

I am not satisfied with the title banners yet either. We do need those though, because we also have some 'Horse Friends' selected from the young community, and it is important that the other members / players can see the difference from a My Horse Friends official / Helper or normal member easily. I don't find that the little notice under your name is enough - and I want to give some groups on the forum a special 'badge'.

The system somehow wraps the banner around the box - and I don't like that, because it seems too wide. I tried to create a banner with less width, but that didn't work out either. I don't like the 'new' banner system connected to the user-groups in the new updated Xenforo version, which you have to use now. Earlier I used Jaxels and it worked really fine and was easy to adjust and design. I have something else in mind though and hope that will work out better :)

Again, thank you =)


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I tried to change the container edge, but didn't manage to do it properly. At this moment I wanted it to look as if the box is somehow wrapped around the forum. But didn't succeed that well I guess ;)
I wonder if when you say wrap around the forum you mean this?...


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Hm no - it's like there is a frame around the actual forum - but not on the sub-navigation menu. So it looks like it's going 'around' the edge/frame of the forum.

I will consider creating it as you did there though - because it looks nice :) We had a light background first, and I tried making it like you have it, but it was impossible to see the text. It will not be impossible with the dark purple background I believe ;)

Thank you.


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We found, that our audience (main target-group is girls between 8 and 14) is more visual than an older audience, so I changed the navigation bar to be a little bit more user-friendly to children.

I also added flags in the top to make it easier for the children to change language on the forum =)

The changes to the nav bar was made in the template modification including some changes in the listener/navigation php files for specific add-ons, in the extra.css and in the normal style properties.

There's a tooltip (hover) text attached to the images.



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Hi Elina - I'm sorry, but we have some country restrictions atm because of some legal rights we sold to Pennygirl. That means that there are some countries, Sweden included, that cannot sign up :( It's something we are working on solving but I can't tell you when.

I will write you a private message though ;)
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I was so utterly thrilled when I finally downloaded this game, it has been taking so long to download that previously I was too bored to wait. Now that the game loaded, the forum says "Error" on every single page and I can't sign up.

Or do I already have an account, do you need one to download the game? Because then I could just start to think whitch one of my email adresses is the one... :whistle:

I'm from Finland, could that be a problem? :(