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Hey there, yesterday we converted WWE Forums from MyBB to Xenforo thanks to Jake, and I am loving it so far. WWE Forums is a professional wrestling fan forum, and we cover all major and independent wrestling companies around the world. The most common/popular of them being WWE, TNA, and RoH.

We are approaching half a million posts, and have a fantastic community of friendly wrestling fans.

We imported our previous theme over and styled it to make it look as similar as possible, and I think it looks good. I am hoping to eventually get a light theme though, as they tend to be more user-friendly in my opinion.

We still have lots to do. Not only recovering some of the stuff from MyBB (giving everyone their awards again, etc), but installing & configuring all the new stuff Xenforo allows us to use which will benefit our niche :).

Here's the domain: http://wweforums.net

Thanks for reading. Very happy to be on Xenforo.
Traffic and activity have both increased massively. I expected a dip in traffic, but instead, we're getting nearly double the visitors. That's remarkable to say the least.

Good to hear :) , browsing your forum now and the activity is showing plenty of members online how did they take to xenforo?.
Good to hear :) , browsing your forum now and the activity is showing plenty of members online how did they take to xenforo?.
A lot of them loved it instantly, which isn't a surprise. Some of them said they liked it, but had to spend a bit of time getting used to it. Then you always have that one member who simply refuses change, but luckily that moaner only moaned for one day. Generally though, everyone is liking it as much as I am, and we have much more to add :).
Still looking for a new header design to be honest. Need someone good at graphics, but not sure who to go to :(.
Hey guys.

We installed a new light theme which we are currently playing with. You can change it at the bottom of the page, and it is called "Light WF" - can you let me know what you think of it? And whether you prefer the dark theme, or the light theme.

Thanks :).
Always loved wrestling sites. I used to manage a rather large one (Posts: 13,034,434, Members: 222,916) back in my days at VS.
Always had a thing for WWE sites, always tried to buy but no luck. :(

Nice work, I think you are sitting on a great niche!
Wow, nice forum mate! I'm shocked that you were able to get that domain...

As an ex pro wrestler (just the indies, nothing big) and a lifelong wrestling fan, I really dig that there are forums like these out there. :)
Means a lot man, thanks! What was your name on the independent scenes? We have a lot of indie fans on the forum :).
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