Would styling WordPress posts to be like RM a good idea? (Tabs)


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Goal: A consistent look between WordPress and XenForo.

One of the nice features of the resource manager is the direct linking of discussions through a tab. Currently, I have a link at the bottom of the blog post to the discussion thread. This is because each post is already bridged with an add-on.

Idea: Add a tab linked to the discussion thread within the single-content.php page. The latest comments are currently placed at the bottom of the posts and would be kept (or should they be removed like RM?).

Con: This adds an additional click for the visitor. There is no tab in the discussion thread to return to the full blog post - there is only a link.

The question, then, is would this enhance the site by integrating the forums more or would this become a distraction?

This is how it looks on the network. The current problem is that the link to the discussion fails. It works at the bottom link but not in the top tab. I have no idea why ... :mad:

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 8.13.52 AM.png
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