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Just created my working dog forum, i have no members yet but just putting the work into the site im having to learn how to get to grips with this forum software.
im quite happy with the design, id like to see what you guys think any ideas or tips would be much appreciated.

thank you

Its a bit dark for my taste but like the Niche your catering to. You might want to reduce the size of your post icons or increase the allowed dimensions in the acp. The tab text is fuzzy because of the text shadow color is relativity the same color as the text. they are conflicting.
thanks for the replies, to be honest with you i was a little unsure about a dark theme as i think a majority of people like a more easy reading light theme. any reccomendations on a theme?
ive changed to the aurora theme and changed the logo at the top.

Over the past year, I've gone through many excellent themes. However, modifying your chosen theme is important so that your site has a unique look - or fits in with other parts of your site. In your case, maybe you could use the default theme and use different dogs for each of the forums. The gray is just too washed out.

Also, try to find a really bold image for across the top or in the background. Maybe a dog sloshing through snow - splashing through water - or some action.

For example, a quick look found this image:


There are rights to this particular image and you'd want to discuss things with the owner of the picture but something like this is emotionally appealing. The image is also too small - but it gives you an idea.

My 2 cents.

Best of luck on the forum. And my dog Ellie says "Work is over-rated"


thanks for the advice. ive just switched to the default theme, so il have play with the colours if i can find them. i will try and get a better picture to create a logo with something that stands out and hits you in the face. when you say add a picture of a dog to each forum how do you mean? and how would i do that?
thanks again
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