Working with styles

Neil E.

Active member
1) I'm new to all this, but have successfully modified many style properties
2) I've also modified some templates
3) All work has been done on the "default" style
4) I think I should be keeping an unmolested "default" style and making up my own new style to contain all the changes.

I have found a few things that don't work right, probably as a result of my changes. When I've "reverted" some style change properties, they don't seem to revert correctly. This refers to some font or image properties that don't come back.

I want to re-install the original default style to make sure I'm back at a fresh starting point. How do I do this?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
When you create a new style and select "No Parent" it will generate a new style from the "Master Style" (which you can't see).

Neil E.

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As an experiment I created a new style (called Modified) based on the default style. Now there is a choice on the forum where users can change between styles (I don't want them to have a choice). It looks like I must have only the default style present (unless there is a permission that would prevent switching styles). How do I know what was in the default style properties prior to making changes?

Neil E.

Active member
OK, so a new style (with no parent) will always be a copy of the "Master Style"? This is fine as it could then be my reference for comparing "Master" to my "altered Default".