XF 2.1 Working on Xen2 while still logged into Xen1

Hello, got a quick question ...

I'm working on our Xen 2 site while still logged in to our Xen 1 site for references and admin information, but every time I switch over from one site to the other, it logs me out of the one I just left. So I'm basically having to re-login everytime I switch back and forth for each site.

I have multiple admin accounts and tried logging in a different one for Xen 1 while I was working on Xen 2 but encountered the same issue.

Is there a setting that I'm missing that doesn't allow the IP to log into the main site and the test site at the same time?



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Not quite. It's the cookie prefix section a bit above that.

For example, something like this in your config.php for XF1 will be enough: $config['cookie']['prefix'] = 'xf1_';

That way, the cookies from your XF1 install will be named differently to the cookies from your XF2 install and won't be overwritten.


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As an addendum, if you ever have any test installations on the same server/domain, for example for XF2 when you upgrade to it, then you will also need a separate cookie prefix for the test/dev installations.