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Work Tracker mod


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I need a mod and I am willing to pay.
It's a work instruction and tracker for teams/ usergroups doing written work.

Each team/ usergroup member has a dynamic report Page that displays what they are doing for their work units in their own personal work forum.
They receive instructions from an Instructions forum where mods post notices on what to do each week.

These worker usergroups have an individual, private work Page.
The Page is divided in sections for different work categories.
These don't change much; total of about 12 and each user will have maximum 8.
(We already have a good working design in operation on the old mod on the old forum.)

Each of these usergroups has a special Instructions forum where our mods post new instructions for a work unit.
An Instructions forum's thread title matches the work sections on the individual user's Page.
Each thread in the Instructions forum is allocated to the mod who posts instructions for that category.
When this mod posts an instruction on their thread this places an icon in the matching work section on the usergroup's individual work Pages.

Each user in these usergroups (as well as their individual, private work Page which summarises what's going on with their work items) also has a personal workforum.
The individual workforumj's threads match the threads in the linked Instruction forum.
When a mod posts in the Instruction forum it duplicates on the personal workforums for the allocated usergroup.
This sends a notification email to the user, WITHOUT the cutoff if they do not visit.
Like the Instruction forum the user's workforum's threads link to the mod who sends instruction on the duplicate thread in the Instructions forum. Mods can contact their workers via these private workforums.

Threads in the user's personal work forum match the instructions forum, and similarly allocate to a mod.
When the user sends a message to the thread the mod gets a notification email.
The user also gets a dialogue and must select a unit of work set on that thread.
The user's post changes the icon's colour on the user's personal workPage showing a discussion is happening about this unit with its mod.
In the same way if the user sends an attachment they select the work unit from a dialogue, the relevant mod is notified by email, and the icon on the user's personal work Page changes to show that work has been sent.
The mod can then return the work with comments and this sends a notification to the user, plus the user's personal workPage again changes the icon to show Completion.

Work units set on the instructions forum have work deadline dates and if work is not sent in by the deadline it is Overdue. The personal workPage icon for this unit again changes colour.

There needs to be a clear link at the top of the personal workforum to the personal workPage so user can see their summary of all categories.
On the Page there's a link in each work section, linking to the forum thread for that area in the personal workforum.

An extra user or users can be set to have Read-only access to this personal work Page + the linked workforum so they can see them but not operate them.

There is some more - some searches on the workforums, but that's the basics.

IMPORTANT If you would like to discuss creating this mod for me
please contact me by PRIVATE CONVERSATION ONLY.
I do not wish to discuss in further detail on the public forum.