Wordpress / XF intergration


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Hey all,

Ive begun work on a new project and the main platform will be wordpress, what i am wondering is how / what would be the best practice to integrate Xenforo with Wordpress ?

Ideally i just want one main / global header & footer and would like to have the XF powered forums running from hxxp://mydomain.com/forums/ I really do not have much need for the XF navigation tab / section, in fact i would rather it's removed completely and just rely on the xf breadcrumbs for forum navigation.

In a perfect world it would be so much simpler to use the one platform / system for content, forums, membership levels & a shopping cart, but from all of my experience WP as the bases platform is my best option.

Any advice / feedback / help / assistance / pm's on this matter is greatly appreciated and i am more than happy to help out back any way i can do whoever can assist me with this.

Regards, Darren

PS... Can the branding removal be added to a license at a later date ? Cheers
Hi ExpertPixels. I've been trying to do this for a long time, but I never managed to do so. There is a bridge that lets you use XenForo as the main platform, but not WordPress, which is what I really need.

As for branding removal, yes, you can add that at a later date :)


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We have a wordpress site and a xenforo forum. WP uses the permissions from XF on the blog. OP says he wants to only use the WP header and use xenforo as the mainnavigation. I have considered that as well but eventually just decided to keep them separate but just copy the look and feel.

Frontpage here and forum here. Hardly notice the difference.
There's a common one you can find by Googling for XenForo WordPress bridge, John. It's not what I'm looking for (since it uses XenForo as the user database and not WordPress). I think the OP wanted to use WP as the user database as well, though.


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There exists a custom WP-XF bridge, but it's not available for the public because it was a private inquiry of a customer.