XF 1.2 Wordpress Integration


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So I am going to bridge my database between Wordpress and Xenforo.

My question then would be, is there a possible way for me to program such that when a user makes a post on wordpress, it creates a thread in a destination forum... or vice versa they post in their destination forum and it posts on a certain wordpress page...

Thanks so much!


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Yes. You would need to create a bridge to do that, but there are several already available within the RM.


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Great, and it will work vice-versa as well in terms of comments whether they are left on wordpress end or the forum end.. it will show up on both ends?


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Here we go Steelers, Here we go..


Hey if you are interested in taking some burden off of my shoulders, and taking a job doing this, let me know.. I'm in Pittsburgh as well

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On a side note, we're in the process of developing a Wordpress <--> Xenforo plugin that meets our needs and will work with Memberpress (subscription plugin for WP @ memberpress.com). So far it is working well, it allows two-way login and logout, with registration handled at WP (via MemberPress). We wanted to migrate away from aMember which had become too problematic for us. If all works well and the code is nicely packable, we'll look into releasing it as an add-on for those needing a more robust WP/XF connection.