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Wordpress Dynamic Theme - WPXenCSS


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This is a dynamic theme that pulls all of it's CSS from the Xenforo style of choice. Because of this any changes that are made to your style properties will also be reflected within Wordpress. It includes a dynamic widget area on the sidebar that supports all wordpress widgets and styles them as in the Xenforo theme sidebar. It also includes a custom menu area beneath the tabs at the top. It is meant to be used with xfrocks Wordpress Bridge for login and avatar integration.

I have tested this with several Xenforo styles and it works very well, the only case where it will not work is if a style author has changed a lot of HTML within the templates.

It makes a few assumptions out of the box with it's options, though these can be changed to adapt to any path structure. It assumes that wordpress is in your web root and that Xenforo is installed underneath the community folder.

There are a total of 4 settings, the style ID of the css to be used, this can be found by looking for style-id= in the link for the style in the style choose. The second is the path of your forum folder, by default this is /community. The third is the path to the forum logo. The last option lets you choose what category or categories of wordpress posts get shown on the home page.

To install this unzip it and copy it in to your wp-content/themes folder, and then activate it under Appearance.

The html and css design is completely done by the Xenforo software and the Style designer, all I've done is integrate it within the template structure of Wordpress.

You can check out a live demo at http://dev.shadowedsoul.net

If you have any questions, comments concerns please post them. Thanks!

Screen shot 2011-02-11 at 11.06.37 PM.png Screen shot 2011-02-11 at 11.04.23 PM.png Screen shot 2011-02-11 at 11.06.05 PM.png

I will no longer be actively developing this theme. I have upgraded it into a newer more fully rounded product in XenDynamic: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/xendynamic-wordpress-theme.19856/



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It would be amazing if it could work compactible with xfrocks wordpress bridge and proxy add-on. The post formatting does look a litle bit strange


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It would be amazing if it could work compactible with xfrocks wordpress bridge and proxy add-on. The post formatting does look a litle bit strange
It does work with the bridge, as for the proxy though it's kind of not needed, as the proxy wraps xenforo around wordpress.

The formatting is weird because I did it when I was half asleep last night ;)


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Jaxel's Portal is coming out great :p

Click Here
I use Jaxel's portal on Doberman Chat, But require something much more extensive for Canine Chat's home page.. We are currently using Joomla but with no bridge its becoming a huge hassle. Ive had to disable Joomla registration, hide the login module, and changed a few other odds and ends to make Joomla look like its a part of the forum software. I consider most of this a major fail and am finally seriously considering dropping Joomla all together.. Maybe its just me but the Joomla Mod community seems to be a wishy washy group and am really tired of waiting on something that may not materialize any time soon. Ive only stuck with Joomla out of loyalty but im starting to run out of patience and WP is looking better and better everyday especially with addons like this one. :D


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Going to be doing a few more templates for this as I get some time. I know for sure I'll be doing a full page width one with no sidebar, and if there's anything else folks can think of they'd like to see let me know.


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Wordpress is a great idea for you.
A Wordpress Blog is a SEO goldmine.
Add some good content and you are golden.
90% of my home page content is original homegrown articles.. WP is looking more and more enticing everyday.. My only problem moving forward wit WP is Ive used it and didn't like the backend and had a hard time getting used to it.. But i think its about time to start getting used to it because as much as i love Joomla The community isnt really helpful or friendly.. Ive heard the Wp community is a bit more welcoming.

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Wordpress is pretty easy to manage.
The backend is pretty simple.
It's Joomla with the ugly backend and Ugly Blogs.
It took me a long time to understand Joomla, I didn't need a manual to use Wordpress.

Really both are good. Joomla oddly doesn't have a good Blog though.
Wordpress is more light weight.
Google loves Wordpress Blogs.

Wordpress + Xenforo is a Powerful combo.
Good Luck with your site.
You've done alot of Good stuff with Joomla.
You might just want to get someone to style it so it looks more integrated.

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Ideally the Demo might display a few other things:

(1) a Wordpress Page (other than the Main Page).
(2) Categories.
(3) How popular Wordpress Plugins look with: WPXenCSS

Q: Is it possible to Show who I am logged in as on the Wordpress Page ? Probably make it "Close" to where it is on the Xenforo Pages. Just above the search ?

Q: Are you using xfrock's WP integration ?


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I'll be adding some more to the Demo site soon to show some of this, such as custom pages and some category information. What plugins would you like to see on it? I can put pretty much anything there.

Actually I think I'm going to put the username information where it says Dashboard now and add some more stuff to that area, probably also make it a widget area so that people can customize that space.

Yes, it's a wordpress MU site using xfrocks WP integration bridge. I've used it since he released it and I am very happy with it.


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Awesome job! If only wp comments were integrated with xF forum like in ContentTeller CMS..... Till then Jaxel's XenPorta suits me better.