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Duplicate WordPress Bridge

Adam Howard

Well-known member
For us to use as a CMS and Blogging System.

This is requested everywhere....


And the list goes on. So this surely proves there is indeed a demand... Not suggesting you make a bridge for those competitors, but one for XenForo and WordPress.

I'd sure buy it :)

Adam Howard

Well-known member
Do you not like the one made by xenscripts?
I'd much like to see an official add-on fully supported by XenForo and not by an unknown, start up company.

Mostly because bridge development is often abandoned by whoever develops it. I've not known any long term bridge support by anyone or one that kept with current versions.

Adam Howard

Well-known member
Also a full bridge would allow for

Log-in via XenForo
Log-in via WordPress
Register on either XenForo or WordPress equals 1 users for both (joint registration)
Joint permission settings
XenForo users can post blog post
Sync and display XenForo avatars within WordPress
Sync and display WordPress avatars within XenForo