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Adam Howard

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Socially Uncensored is now 2 years old

Copy of the "speech" I gave my members..... But it also applies to the many developers who have help along the way....
Congratulations to YOU
As we together mark our 2nd year anniversary, let us not forget that together we have endured much and yet continue to grow strong. We have overcome many odds and there are still those throughout the world who would seek to enslave us all by telling us what we can and can not say, think, learn, or feel.
And in-spite of this, we continue to value our freedoms. We continue to believe that everyone, everywhere, has a voice and no one has the right to take that voice away. This is just as true now, as true as it was in the beginning.
The date was September 7th, 2010 and a free site which offered whoever wanted it, the right to free speech without any restriction on self expression, thought, opinion, or personal ideas was born.
This site started out with only 1 single person on-line. And when I first opened it's doors to the public, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect.
I know there was a desperate need for someone, somewhere, to offer an outlet where anyone and everyone, regardless of who they were, where they lived, not matter what their race, color, gender, age, sexuality, income, political association, faith or lack there of; could openly and freely speak without being censored or otherwise hushed and pushed aside. A place where no one could be denied their voice.
This site has come a long way from there just being 1 lonely person, shouting out and hoping someone, somewhere would hear him. Indeed it has become many voices.
You, the reader, the witter, the thinker, the dreamer, and all those you bring along with you & all those who come after you. You are what makes Socially Uncensored possible.
So it is not I who seeks to congratulate myself or wished to be congratulated.
But rather it is I, who seeks to congratulate, YOU and all those like you, who continue to value your God, given right to freedom of speech without persecution or limitation. Who seeks knowledge in the God given right of freedom of information and through learning, teaches and enriches others.
September 7th, 2012 marks two (2) full years of a dream, which became a web site, which today is a thriving community of individuals who believe in freedom. And it is all thanks to, you.
So congratulations to YOU and thank you.
Adam Howard
Founder and co-owner