XF 2.2 ->with('embed')


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Where can I find more information about that, please?

            $attachments = $this->finder('XF:Attachment')
                    'content_type' => $contentType,
                    'content_id' => $ids

In entity/attachment i found

        $structure->withAliases = [
            'api' => [],
            'embed' => []

but where is the translation to

left join $item.embed_metadata


I guess this information should be done here:

        $structure->relations['Images2'] = [
        'entity' => 'XF:Attachment',
        'type' => self::TO_MANY,
        'conditions' => [
            ['content_type', '=', 'xf_lala_item_image2'],
            ['content_id', '=', '$item_id']
        'with' => 'Data',
        'order' => 'attach_date'

===> 'embed_field' = 'embed_metadata2' <===


For my problem i see four solutions:

1) accept that xf can handle only one field with attachments
2) find a way to tell the finder, when he should use embed = embed_metadata and when he should use embed = embed_metadata2
3) Use the one embed_metadata for two text_fields, then i have to change the function that overwrites my values from the other field and vice versa.

or 4) add a new table for just one more field with attachments

Somehow I prefer 3) but i stuck.
With 2) i have the problem that the finder will not work; maybe I need a new addAttachmentsToContent2 ...

or and that is my question: Where can I manipulate ->with('embed')
Some tricky, but possible:
I have
and the saved embed attachement_ids

When saving Images:

embed_metadata= saved embed attachement_ids - item.Images + saved embed attachement_ids

When saving Images2:

embed_metadata= saved embed attachement_ids - item.Images2 + saved embed attachement_ids

Now I have one more problem to solve:

the bbCode-function cares for all attachment_ids in embed_metadata and content_type1 = relation Images;
but not about and content_type2 and relation Images2 ...
    public function getBbCodeRenderOptions($context, $type)
        return [
            'entity' => $this,
            'user' => $this->User,
            'attachments' => $this->attach_count ? $this->Images : [],
            'viewAttachments' => $this->canViewProductImages()

Finally found this also, but I have no idea how to merge my two array_collections

$this->Images and $this->Images2 or make a difference when calling template one where I need $this->Images and template2 where I need $this->Images2.
finally i have two fields both with attachments ...

    public function getBbCodeRenderOptions($context, $type)

        $array = $this->Images->toArray();
        $array2 = $this->Images2->toArray();
        $array3 = $array + $array2;
        return [
            'entity' => $this,
            'user' => $this->User,
            'attachments' => $this->attach_count ? $array3 : [],
            'viewAttachments' => $this->canViewProductImages()
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