XF 2.3 Making links EMBED


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I UPDATED the use of EMBED, which is your feature that comes with XF2.3, in hundreds of content to add it directly to my database.
However, it requires "Edit" and "Save" to be reflected in the content.
Without doing this, is there an easy way for the links we receive into EMBED to embed the related thread?

It's good to see this. But technically, there may be expressions that I cannot understand when using it.
I actually coded the whole thing in Excel and embedded it directly into the database.
For example, a link like the one below is in the xf_post table. but it doesn't show as an embed on the front end of the site... it just shows up as a full clickable URL.

[EMBED content="thread-1897"]https://www.site.com/threads/link.1897/[/EMBED]

When I do "Fix" and "Save", the embed function is realised.
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