Wishing XenForo (owners/developers, the software and community) a bright and light 2013


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In the event of the summery judgment this Monday January 7th, I wish XenForo (it's owners/developers (both professionally and personally), the software itself and community) a very bright and light 2013.

Last year specifically I've seen things being more or less 'ripped apart' from each other (a well respected moderator leaving, other developers within the community leaving, the community itself shaking, development halted and a noticeable missing of the previous clear and transparent communication towards the supporting community).

I for one do not wish to put everything on the -albeit appalling and shamefully unethical- lawsuit that was fired by Internet Brands. When it all started I was shocked and angry to the bone... mind you I am still feeling this... and I was truly impressed by the way this burden was handled by Xenforo (Kier in specifically) in public. Still, as of lately, there's also some mixed feelings arising in me, triggered by the things I mention in my 2nd paragraph above (cause not everything is only related to 'IB'). I don't know what to think of it all... but it does make me feel insecure, as a paying customer who wants to take his (vB 3.x powered) forum to the next (read: Xenforo) level, now and in the future. And obviously I am not alone in this.

Since I became a vBulletin customer in 2001 I have supported it's product and community passionately, because I believed it was just ace (up until the 3.6 version, and we know what happened after that) and I could contribute to improve the product. The same I felt when Xenforo saw the light of day. Seriously, for me it was like a savior being born, because XenForo gave me the means to escape from Internet Brands' outrageous way of handling a product and people.

Well... to make a (typical) long story short for once: I truly wish for Xenforo as a whole, meaning: the developers -both personally and professionally-, the product itself, the third party developers, the moderators, the community, that 2013 can and will be a bright and light year of unity. Internet Brands shows the worlds how not to unite people, so let's make sure then that 'we' do not fall into this same behavior/situation... and make this a place of what it set out to be: a product and place based on love (connection).

What I wish for 2013 is that Xenforo reconnects itself on all bases (whenever possible) and becomes the huge success that it deserves to be.



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Yes, I do get your points and yes, I mentioned IB myself (several times) in the OP, but I would like to ask this thread to be not aimed (fully) at Internet Brands, because one of the points I am trying to get accross is that not everything is connected to IB (read: their responsibility) and therefore also in the hands of the owners/developers/moderators/community overhere... it's not entirely dependent on (the absence of) IB to re-unite things overhere...

May the force be with XF.



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Lawsuit or no, the folks at XenForo have made a fine piece of software. Updates slowing down for a while doesn't stop the fact that, in my hands, I have a fantastic product. XF has been through a rough patch in the last year or so in many ways, and I wish all involved - KAM, the mods, and the whole community who have stuck by XF through it all - the best possible fortunes for the coming year :)


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I have very little time for coding, it's one thing to spend some of that time on spammers here; that doesn't bother me, it's part of the job. Too waste it on garbage posts by members who know better is a total different ball game. If you want to make speculations, in jest or not, do so somewhere else; it won't be tolerated here.

As for me, I wish XenForo (Mike, Ashley, and Kier) all the best for 2013. And in 2013 may we all keep raising the XF bar to new limits.


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Plaintiff did not only stop XenForo Ltd., but thereby also blocked several thousand of small webmasters (XF-software users) all around the world to go about their business.

Honestly, all those several thousand XF-webmasters should collectively sue Plaintiff.
Why didn't anyone else think of this? :eek:


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They did. I remember talk of a class action suit in the first year. I think back then it looked like it would be all done within a year so no huge harm don e. ut then IB dragged in extra fake witnesses and an extra year's delay.