XF 1.5 wINcACHE as Front End & Back End

Craig Neff

I ran a simple info script to see if I had APC installed ( or any cache options ) and it was not ... the only thing installed that seemed cache oriented was the Wincache which led me to the thread ...


I uploaded those files and changed my config file.

Is there anyway to tell if it is actually doing anything ? Something I can look at to verify operation ? My site seems to be flying now, but I did a bunch of stuff so not sure if this is doing anything to help or not ...

Craig Neff

43 views and no replies ... I wonder what the record is !

I'm guessing at this point it is not working on account of this result from test.php

HP Warning:  require_once(Zend/Cache/Backend/ExtendedInterface.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in G:\PleskVhosts\xxx.org\httpdocs\library\Zend\Cache\Backend\Test.php on line 27
PHP Fatal error:  require_once(): Failed opening required 'Zend/Cache/Backend/ExtendedInterface.php' (include_path='.;.\includes;.\pear') in G:\PleskVhosts\xxx.org\httpdocs\library\Zend\Cache\Backend\Test.php on line 27
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That would indicate more of an issue with your test script, as it'd cause that error otherwise. You probably need to move your test script and maybe initialize XF's framework; I'm not sure.

Alternatively, WinCache may have some way to inspect what it's doing. If so, I suspect there's an off the shelf script you can use to browse this.