Will XF run fine if you have people browsing from two domains?


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I've been working on a project site with some friends for a while and it's a website for teenagers, the problem is the current domain could get some teenagers in trouble at their home. I was wondering if there is a way to put another domain on top of the current one?

For example, I want domain1.com and domain2.com. I want users to be able to browse one forum from both domains. I was thinking of using cpanel and adding a parked domain(or addon, not sure which is which off the top of my head). I know that would work for the most part, but how would it affect images and cookies and all the other parts of the board?

So my question is, would that work? Would I be able to have two domains running side by side and let users access which ever domain they would like too?

Jake Bunce

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Yes that will work. Cookies are a concern though.

Cookies will work on both domains without any special configuration, but they will remain separate. For example, if you login from domain1 and then visit domain2 then you will have to login again. Everything will work fine as long as you don't change domains while browsing. All internal links will be consistent with respect to the domain name you used to enter the forum. But beware of user links in posts and whatnot.

Also be aware that registration and subscription emails use the Board URL when linking back to the forum, so those links will only use one domain:

Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> Basic Board Information -> Board URL