Will we have some SSI or similar with the package?

I'm a bit obsessed from the confortable power of the SSI files that I had on smf installations, and it was powerful, as you were allowed to include forum's stuffs (latest topics, stats, online users number of users and name...and so on) into the home, that usually should be J!, or WP, or something else. The canonical way is always www.site.bla/forum and with SSI I was able to integrate the forum's stuffs, into the site.com interface.
Now, I'm on IPB and there's nothing similar (the ssi of the package is ridicolous, poor), and I don't need a softwares that integrates the user's credential on my home, that is always wordpress, but I would have more options that integrates the forum's life into the home.
Will you provide with something that will go closer to my need? I am not thinking about a bridge: I don't need it. An "include" like.
Just to know if it will come out with the beta package!



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That is something that would have to be achieved with a modification as it stands.


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An API would be the much cleaner way (IMHO).
Provide the data in a common format (JSON, JSONP or XML) and you can do whatever you want.

I have modified my vBulletin to output various statistics in the JSON format and I use jQuery to display this data on my front page which is not powered by vBulletin.

We could build a database with all of these snippets and you could even use the API and the snippets to allow third-parties to use the information from your forums.
Yes, No matter what is the method to "recall" the functions, but my meaning mainly is: no bridges needed, but, in order to let people check forum's life while they are surfing home (example in Wordpress, like mines) - latest topics, users online, pm bla bla bla.
I felt good with smf (for the wonderful SSI.php functions), but their life is a "beta" life, I feel bad with IPB due the unclear functions of the tonnes of useless options they used to fill their software(s). XenForo is actually a stand-alone discussion board software, and I would just know if this can be implemented in a non-XenForo system or not. API, SSi or other stuffs are OK.